Back to Uni Blues Competition 

Thank you to all the law students who entered our Back to Uni Blues comp. Reading about your ideal escapes from law school helped to make starting the new academic year a tiny bit more bearable.

Congratulations to Caitlyn from Flinders University, who wins a $100 Student Flights travel voucher for this entry: 

"Once the seeds of law are implanted in your mind, one can never really escape. But I hear Switzerlandis nice this time of year".


Law School Highlights Competition

Thank you to everyone who entered our Law School Highlights competition - we loved reading your stories about inspiring law school moments, hilarious lecturers and assignment misadventures that somehow worked out in the end!

Congratulations to Kieran, who wins a year's supply of Stabilo highlighters for this law school highlight:

"Having our tutor give us a reward for completing the subject by breakdancing for us in a suit, then proceeding to take us to the unibar. Simply awesome."


Make Me a Lawyer Competition 

Thank you to everyone who attended the Make Me a Lawyer event and entered our Burning Questions competition - we hope you all received answers to your careers questions. 

First prize went to Tram from the University of New South Wales, who took home a Boston Legal DVD box set, and Sayed from the University of Technology, Sydney who won a custom tailored shirt from Joe Button. 

Congratulations to our winners!


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