Dec 2016

Beyond lawyer-client interactions, we don’t often see or put much thought into other ways lawyers use their legal skills in the wider community. Or when we do, it’s about them being greedy. Together, Canon Australia’s chief legal counsel, David Field, and author of ‘The Wellness Doctrines for Law Students and Young Lawyers’, Jerome Doraisamy, are setting out to change that, teaming up to create online photographic blog project, Lifetimes in Law.

Aug 2016

The clerkship application period is a special hell reserved for all penultimate students that dare to dream of a career in big-time commercial law. But it doesn't have to be. Survive Law sat down with two members of King & Wood Mallesons' recruitment committee to get you the inside scoop on making your application stand out.

Aug 2016

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Once in a blue moon you log onto your LinkedIn, have a look at who's stalked you, add a few friends and mostly ignore your news feed. When you don't ignore your news feed, you probably see law firms spruiking the latest and greatest things their working on in the words of one of their partners. And you probably don't read them. In fairness, there are too many for you to possibly stay up to date. For that reason, we've put together a list of recent law firm 'insights' that are worth a read. Reading them won't take longer than your commute to work or uni (or your Admin law lecture) but you'll always pick up something you didn't know before.

Jul 2016

1. Mail/courier management 

You’ll be the one printing off all the incoming correspondence, or sorting the outgoing correspondence into envelopes to go to their recipients – that is, if your workplace hasn’t moved totally electronic, in which case, you’ll be the one filtering out the emails that come to the generic address to the appropriate people. You’ll also be responsible for distributing incoming mail to the relevant staff member, and making sure things that were supposed to arrive, have, and chasing them up if they haven’t. 

Jun 2016

“I’m Leanne, and I’m in my second last semester.” I announced to my first Property and Securities tutorial just a few weeks ago… “When I graduate, I'm not sure I want to be a lawyer.” 

Met with stares of disbelief and awe, my variation of the standard format introduction was far from conventional. This was perhaps the first time I had been truly honest about my current intentions - previously cloaked by a sense of shame, and application of the sunk-cost theory. 


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