Feb 2016

University starts in T-minus 5 days and counting!  Back to multiple chapter readings, interrogative professors, rambling judgements and ‘study’ sessions that may turn into Friday afternoon drinks; back to the lifestyle we law students all know and love. So if you, like us here at Survive Law, have been making the most of our final days of freedom at the beach (#perthheatwave), last-minute catching up with non-law mates and generally enjoying yourselves, here is some of the latest legal-news you may have missed.

Feb 2016

The Australian Open is finished and the public can now move forward into “After the Tennis” mode. If Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams have been occupying the bulk of your time this week, you may have missed some of the law movers and shakers hitting the news this week. 

Never fear! 

The Survive Law team is here with your monthly round-up of everything legal related.

Jul 2015

Survive Law is very excited to announce its new custodians, The College of Law!  

The College is Australia's biggest provider of practical legal training and is one of Survive Law's long term supporters. With our original managers stepping down after five years at the helm (sad face), the College wants to see Survive Law continue to flourish as a fun and supportive resource for law students.  

The College intends to see Survive Law continue to run in the same way it always has - publishing great content written by law students, for law students. 


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