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In 2008, Survive Law was just a wild idea scribbled on a scrap of Equity Law notes. From humble beginnings and seed funding from UTS:Law, Survive Law has become Australia’s highest-traffic website for law students, with 50,000+ visitors every month, matched by an active and burgeoning social media conversation via Facebook and Twitter.

In 2017, we decided world domination was only the next logical step for Survive Law and so Survive Law New Zealand was born. 

We hope that Survive Law New Zealand will emulate what Survive Law has done for Australian law students - provide an always accessible helping hand whether you're looking for career or study advice, light-hearted comic relief about the many misfortunes of law students when you're looking to procrastinate and tips on how to keep check of your mental health and wellbeing throughout law school. 


Keep up to date with the latest in legal news, jobs, study tips and career advice, prime procrastination material on our blog and our daily updates on everything legal-related (including relatable law student memes) through our Facebook page.
Contributors of Survive Law NZ
Survive Law is a team of more than 10 New Zealand law students, graduates and self-confessed nerdy mcnerds on a wild and terrifying adventure into the unknown lands of law school and legal careers.

Abby Shieh

Abby is a third year LLB/ BA student at Vic. She likes dog-spotting, 2 for 1 food deals, getting up at 8:09 for an 8:30 lecture and using other people's Spotify accounts. 

Anjori Mitra

Anjori Mitra is a lawyer practising in Auckland.  She has a BA/LLB(Hons) from the University of Auckland, but her main qualification for contributing to Survive Law is that she’s actually survived Law School.  She also once referenced Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co in a game of Articulate! (her team won), so clearly she learned something at Law School.  If she wasn’t a lawyer, she would probably be pursuing various artistic endeavours, although she suspects being a starving artist sounds better than it actually is. 


Cecilia Liu

Cecilia is just starting to realise that maybe she should have purchased the coursebook and kept up with the readings. Currently in her second year of an LLB/BA at the University of Auckland, she is aiming to receive top in course for Advanced Procrastination 101. But, being Cecilia, she will probably procrastinate for that too.

Claudia Russell

Claudia is in her third year of an LLB/politics conjoint at the University of Auckland. She likes law because it makes her better at winning arguments and pointing out plot holes in crime dramas. You'll find her in the law library, surrounded by empty cups of coffee.

Ruiteng Liu

Ruiteng is a third-year law and commerce student at Victoria University. His natural habitat includes the law library, where utilising the heaters on full blast and attempting to understand a contract case are common features of this law student’s daily regimen. He is a passionate advocate for 10am lectures, because 8am lectures are a struggle.


Vivian studies at Victoria University of Wellington and is the Lead Student Editor for an online International Arbitration journal. Some of Vivian’s favourite pastimes include procrastinating, binge-watching documentaries, talking about Legislative Reform, and being mildly passionate about the NZLSG. However, she also constantly finds herself having to catch up on readings (which is not exactly something she is passionate about).


Wlliame Gucake

Wiliame is too far into his Law/Commerce conjoint at Victoria University to turn back now but still not close enough to the end. He’s a true Wellington coffee snob that can’t drink instant but will take free anything if you’re offering. Dreams of being an indigenous rights fighter at the UN but fears he’ll be a government slave bureaucrat all his life. To find him listen for the loudest laugh echoing the wooden hallway of OGB Vic Law School or look in a quiet corner (not library tho – never there) where he’s gossiping, scheming or both.i

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