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Survive Law

November 4, 2014

In case you hadn't noticed (you had), law school is a pain in neck. A very rewarding, fulfilling, ego stroking, pain in the neck, but a pain in the neck nonetheless. If you're looking for a few tips for balancing law school with life/coping with stress/dealing with the temptation to poke people's eyes out with a pen during semeste...

September 13, 2013

I sometimes find it useful to start at the beginning. I wouldn’t say that my entry into the legal profession was unorthodox; it just wasn’t very inspired.

May 8, 2013

In my first year of university I relished in the opportunity to drop into conversations the little fact that I studied law. At work, whenever a customer discovered I was at university I would delight in the moment that they asked me what I was studying. Don't ask me when, don't ask me how, but that changed. I didn't even realise i...

April 15, 2013

Ditching the textbooks for full time work is as magical as I ever could have imagined. I was fortunate enough to be appointed as a Judge's Associate for 2013. For those who don't know (hey me-fourth-months-ago, how you going?) the role of an associate is extremely varied.

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