June 5, 2017

So I decided to do one of those ghost hunting tours the other day. It was freezing, the sky was pitch Blackstone pitch black and the wind was howling “Corporations Act, Corporations Act"

November 24, 2016

Fuck. Yes, I know, I just said it. Stop me? Eh, it’s merely a word that is commonplace in society...

March 15, 2016

It was just another ordinary Friday; I was at the supermarket taking a break from the overwhelming array of cheeses in the dairy aisle when I bumped into...

January 20, 2016

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the news that Law is the new Arts. Law, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

October 14, 2012

Law students are not a particularly sensitive bunch. Sure, we have existential crises at the start of each semester, but beyond that we are pretty tough...

October 10, 2012

Surviving law school basically amounts to surviving the same cycle of lectures, procrastination, assignments, more lectures, study, exams, and glorious...

September 25, 2012

A clever legal argument may sneak up on you some day, and you may be fated to endure the delightful tedium of a research thesis. To write a thesis, you have to like reading, and I don't mean be capable of reading. The ideal candidate has to thrive on finding things to read, reading them, and then forming opinions about particular areas of...

June 1, 2012

The law student's weapons of choice are usually strong comprehension skills, a keen sense of the broad picture, and a powerful reaction to caffeine.

March 14, 2012

So you're back to the law student grind, forced into another year of textbook serfdom. Or maybe you have just begun your illustrious student career?

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