May 21, 2019

Survive Law sat down with Gina to discuss her experiences studying two different offshore units: one at Cambridge and one in Nepal.

April 17, 2019

With clerkship season looming, Survive Law has put together a quick index to help you plan ahead for what firms you're thinking about applying to.

June 14, 2017

Victoria Law Foundation recently opened its General Grants round for 2017/18 and they're now accepting applications. Their General Grants fund projects that...

May 16, 2017

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March 7, 2017

Survive Law is Australia's highest-traffic online website and community for law students and recent law graduates. We are expanding into New Zealand and hope that Survive Law NZ will be an integral part of the law school experience for New Zealand students. Through our blog and daily social media updates on everything legal-related, we ho...

September 14, 2016

When I graduated law school earlier this year, as part of my usual delayed process of unpacking significant life moments, I began to consider what I had...

May 31, 2016

Clerkship season has arrived in NSW! This handy guide has been put together to shed some light on the clerkship process and to help you to find opportunities t

March 21, 2016

Finished a clerkship this past summer? Bursting to talk about it? Survive Law wants you! You: Just finished up a smashing clerkship this past summer Have learne

January 18, 2016

The law cannot remain static, but must adjust to reflect the changing society that it serves. From time to time, criminal cases arise that dramatically...

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