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How a Law Degree is Like a Relationship

December 18, 2018

Working Abroad: Q&A with Harrison Roubin

November 5, 2018

#Studygrams To Up Your Study Game

October 16, 2018

The Priestley 11 of TV and Movies

September 25, 2018

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March 21, 2018

Maybe you’ve heard that it doesn’t matter what a law degree is paired with: each combination has unique strengths and weaknesses and, as such, you should just pick whatever interests you.

October 24, 2017

A law degree is a whole lot of work and there’s no guarantee you’ll even get paid for it. So why on earth do we put ourselves through it?

May 7, 2015

I’ve always wondered what life would have been like as an online learner, contemplating discussions in student forums or listening to lecturers but never actually seeing my lecturer in person. As I edged closer to finishing my law degree I reflected on ‘what might have been’ had I decided to undertake my law degree away from the social contac...

February 11, 2015

The course structure for a law degree sometimes seems like a strategy board taken straight from the most confidential vault at the Pentagon...

August 5, 2014

Feeling bored? Apathetic? Is the best part about your law degree skipping class to lunch with friends? It was exciting back when you started this crazy little thing called law, but at the moment you like law school about as much as Voldemort liked Harry Potter. No wonder you’re pretty keen to bail. But should you? Here are some reasons to tou...

April 11, 2013

After three semesters of straight law I decided to add a business degree to my studies because two degrees is better than one, right? This year I not only...

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