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Survive Law

September 14, 2017

A great mentor is like a 7 in one multicooker – they can act as a career advisor, study assistant, networking coach, opportunity creator, proof

February 22, 2014

The LUCY Mentoring Program is like a “buddy program.” Offered at most universities in New South Wales, it teams up young female students with women in senior po

November 18, 2013

Professional associations can play an important role in your legal career, but you’re probably thinking that there’s no point in joining until you’re a lawyer..

August 10, 2013

I decided to become a mentor after my own struggle with navigating through my first year of law. The challenges of law school aren’t just limited to the...

March 26, 2013

In my first few years of law I always snubbed the idea of finding a mentor or joining a peer mentoring group. I wasn’t struggling academically, so what would...

February 18, 2013

So you’ve finally graduated, found the job of your dreams and living the Boston Legal lifestyle that you thought would never happen. Well.

March 14, 2012

Mentoring means something different for everyone. You might occasionally meet for coffee and a few lawyer jokes or you might spend all summer helping them...

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