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How a Law Degree is Like a Relationship

December 18, 2018

Working Abroad: Q&A with Harrison Roubin

November 5, 2018

#Studygrams To Up Your Study Game

October 16, 2018

The Priestley 11 of TV and Movies

September 25, 2018

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September 11, 2015

As a first year I’m very lucky to have more time than those further along to experiment with different study hacks. So when I found Life Hacker’s article...

September 2, 2015

Do you ever walk away from a massive study session feeling as though you didn’t actually accomplish anything or find that you’ve fallen asleep listening to...

March 24, 2015

We all know study groups can produce great results. Working in a group can reduce your workload, provide different perspectives on a given topic and help you...

May 20, 2014

It is my personal opinion that going through law school is impossible without our baby lawyer companions by our side. I find nothing more daunting than the pros

September 9, 2013

This is a technique I learnt from a friend, which can be used to improve memory and retention when studying. This approach works best as a prompt for memory as you progress through the semester and means that (hopefully) by exam time you have saved most of the information you need in your long term memory and just need to recall and apply it.

May 24, 2013

Several weeks into the first year of university and you feel as though you’ve got it all sorted out. You know which lectures you can afford to miss, the best...

April 3, 2013

At the start of semester, there’s nothing more exciting than getting back into all of those readings and assessments… right? But once you’re back in study mode,

November 29, 2012

Some semesters are tougher than others, and the semesters where you take on extra shifts at work, join a few intense extra-curricular activities or add a few...

October 2, 2012

I have a weakness for the latest and greatest tech products. With my 4.7-inch phone screen, and iPad, I find it quite easy to access my uni readings and work...

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