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Survive Law

February 9, 2017

It’s that time of year again. Time to pin-up your wall planner and brace your biros as we roll out of another summer and hit the books. While we law students ge

January 16, 2017

We usually turn to lecturers, our law school buddies and law grads for advice when it comes to battling your way through law school. But what about...

January 9, 2017

The Law School Slump. We all experience it at some point during law school. Most often, it’s because we’ve been working hard non-stop since high...

December 18, 2016

Receiving results after a hard and stressful exam period may validate the work you’ve done throughout semester. For others, it may be a mixture...

October 4, 2016

Survive Law's Jess Awad dishes the dirt on LexisNexis' take on Workplace Bullying. For those of you interested in gaining a broader understanding of workplace b

May 26, 2016

Sometimes I feel like an energizer bunny – it’s a race to the end! With exams and clerkships coming up, the pressure is getting real. I get it. We’re competing

April 5, 2016

Survive Law first encountered social worker and mental health expert, Robyn Bradey, at College of Law's Wellness Forum. We caught up with her to bring you...

April 5, 2016

I’m back. After a two and a half years, I’m calling myself a Law Student once more. I’ve returned to the land of ‘but fors’ and double negatives; exceptions...

January 20, 2016

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the news that Law is the new Arts. Law, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

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