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Survive Law

About Survive Law

In 2008, Survive Law was just a wild idea scribbled on a scrap of Equity Law notes. From humble beginnings and seed funding from UTSLaw, we're now Australia’s leading community of law students online, with 50,000+ visitors every month, matched by an active and burgeoning social media conversation via Facebook and Twitter.

Survive Law acquired this small piece of the Internet ‘on just terms’ (s51(xxxi) Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act) and dedicated it to guiding you through the ups and downs of law school life – with a dash of good humour, cynical bites and general irreverence.

Here you’ll find plenty of tips and tricks to survive those never-ending readings, obfuscating essay questions, killer exams and assessments, plus discussions of mental health and well-being, unorthodox and straight-shooting careers in law, and those all important ongoing odes to highlighters, coloured tabs, textbook burning and coffee to flow black through your veins.

You won’t find this sort of advice in a textbook.

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