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New Year’s Resolutions for Law Students


So the earth has made a full rotation around the sun again and it is time for those of us who believe in them to make New Year’s resolutions.

If you’re still making plans for the new year, here are some law student-appropriate resolutions for 2013...

In 2013 I (insert law student name) am determined to:

Meet a High Court judge – past, present (or future)

Land a legal job

Attend all classes

Begin my quest to adversely possess… something

Always check the bottom of any drinking container for snails

Learn to ‘step away from the desk’

Stop or attempt to reduce my procrastinating through stationery shopping/online shopping/law


Get through at least two non-law books a year

Score some awesome marks

Never again guarantee friends anything unless it’s a binding contract…

Stress less and enjoy life more

Actually read judgments in full

Have a healthy relationship with sunlight and not stay inside for weeks on end during exams

Eat better (less Maccas on the run)


Clean out my email inbox

Make time for fitness

Appreciate people more

Never ask a friend if he did it…

Stick to my resolutions…

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