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Working Hardly: Prayers for Exam Time

Student with face in the book

Left your study a little too late? You may not have time to cram all that knowledge in, but a little prayer can’t hurt, right?

“Our (Justice Kirby/Lord Denning/insert your judge of choice here), who (art/art no longer) on the bench…”

Now choose your own adventure:

Sleep Learning

“May the myths about sleeping on textbooks be true. All semester I have been looking at them and telling myself that I’ll get around to it, and now it’s too late. May I wake up with commercial security interests in property in my head due to osmosis. If this happens I promise to read every judgement, and not just the majority decision.”

Old Notes

“May the notes from a long past student be current, without fault and comprehensible in the exam when it is only the second time I am reading them. If this happens, I promise to refrain from making fun of first year students doing their own notes as other future law students depend on their diligence.”

Exam Questions

“Please make the exam on succession only about the content in the first three weeks as that was when I cared enough to pay attention. If Your Worship can arrange this I will only drink organic coffee – the socially responsible choice.”


“As I will only just be checking all the PowerPoint slides for the semester a week before the exam, please make the case summaries concise enough that I don’t have to read the case book. Should Your Honour deem me worthy of such a gift, I will give my lecturer great feedback on the subject surveys.”

Hand Cramps

“Guide my hand swiftly over the exam, and guard against hand cramps as I have not put pen to paper since exams last semester.”

Issue Spotting

“In the exam please make the issues GLARINGLY OBVIOUS and my application of the law enough to gain the required points to pass. If Your Honour can make this happen I promise to print all my lecture notes and case readings double sided from now on.

“In the name of the High Court, Supreme Court, District Court and the Magistrates Court, Amen.”

If you think you need even more help, look up St Thomas More – he’s the patron saint of lawyers.

When he’s not writing for Survive Law, Obiter Ovum is musing about law school and such in his own corner of the Internet. Click here to check out OO’s blog.

FROM THE ARCHIVES: This story was first published on Survive Law on 27 November 2011.

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