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Melbourne Uni Launches High Court Blog

High Court of Australia

The decisions of the High Court of Australia are the focus of a new blog created by the University of Melbourne’s law faculty.

Inspired by similar blogs in New Zealand, the United States and Canada, Melbourne Law School academics will provide commentary on court decisions, resource pages for pending cases, and even interviews with former Justices. Law students, alumni and members of the legal profession will also contribute to case analysis.

The faculty hopes that the Opinions On High blog will encourage discussion of High Court decisions and provide an accessible resource for the public.

“This is a great opportunity for us to contribute to community legal education, and to do it in a way that goes beyond the traditional restraints of formal journals”, said Melbourne Law School’s Associate Dean (Engagement) Professor Miranda Stewart.

“We’re hopeful that the blog will fill a gap in the Australian legal education landscape but also the local legal blogging scene, and will deepen the public’s knowledge of our highest court.”

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