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Three Things I Learnt from Suits

Suits TV cast

I became a massive fan of Suits when I was still in high school. Fast forward a year, I was recommending it to all my law school friends and watching as each of them became hooked. There is something about watching Harvey Specter that gives law students motivation and the hope that one day they will be replicating his badass approach to practising law.

Suits also teaches us law students much more than simply how to be cool and suave when your back is against the wall. Here are three things I’ve learnt from Suits…


You can overcome failure

When we first meet Rachel Zane, she is a paralegal who is far more talented than the associates in terms of legal expertise, but is limited to her position due to her poor test-taking ability. With Mike's help, Rachel identifies the factors behind her past exam performance and is able to finally succeed in obtaining an LSAT score to allow her to attend law school, proving that you can overcome failure.

Throughout your studies, it is easy to be disheartened if you receive a low mark. However, like Rachel, if you learn from your mistakes and work hard to rectify them, a bad assessment or exam result needn’t stop you from getting where you want to be.

Having a photographic memory isn't the solution to everything

While staring at an endless pile of readings and trying to memorise cases for a closed-book exam, I would dream of the easy life I would have if I had a photographic memory. Surely it would provide an easy path to top marks and a successful legal career.

Although Mike Ross’ amazing memory is irrefutably useful, Suits shows that his accomplishments are really a testament to his hard work and dedication. He still spends hours sifting through countless precedents and analysing contracts for potential loopholes. So next time you lament your average memory, remember that it is hard work that is key to a legal career.

Passion is key

Although Harvey may be our muse before a mooting competition, his love of winning is contrasted with Louis' love for law. From his tenacious desire to be promoted to senior partner, to his covert attachment to the associates, Louis is irrefutably the most passionate of his colleagues.

So when you forget why you are studying law, remember Louis Litt. You might not be enjoying all of your law subjects, but if you can find something where your passion rivals Louis' dedication to corporate finance, then you have truly won in life.

So the next time you are facing a hurdle at law school, I recommend watching an episode of Suits – it may just give you the inspiration and enlightenment you need.

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