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Working Hardly: Signs you were meant to be a Lawyer

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Some people were just meant to be lawyers. But how did they know that law was their calling? Here are some tell tale signs that you were meant to be a lawyer...

You aced English all the way through high school. Presentations were a breeze, and you could practically write an argumentative essay in your sleep.

You loved logic puzzles and would spend days agonizing over them until you worked out the solution.

You’ve always had amazing attention to detail; Where’s Wally had nothing on you!

You loved to perform, and the speeches you gave on the high school debating team were legendary.

You always could out-talk your parents in an argument. So much so, that eventually they gave up arguing with you.

Your first thought after being hurt by another child in the playground was “can I sue?”

You would always refuse to do a favour for a friend until they gave sufficient consideration.

As a kid, when you received a new board game for your birthday or Christmas, you would stay up all night reading and analysing the rules, just so you could find the loopholes.

You were given the name for it. If your last name is Judge, or your parents called you Habeas Corpuz, a legal career was always your destiny.

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