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Law Laughs: The Funniest Legal Tweeps

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Twitter is a pretty useful resource for law students. You can follow legal academics, find the answers to your legal citation questions, hear about work and internship opportunities and keep up to date with the latest cases. But every now and again we need something a little more humorous. Here are a few places to find law laughs on Twitter

Lord Denning

Obviously @iamLordDenning isn’t the actual judge, but this Twitter account is a great follow for Lord Denning fans. There are funny quotes from Denning’s judgments and plenty of hilarious musings like this one: “I don't follow precedents; precedents follow me."

Emoticon Case Law

The worst thing about law readings is that the books have so few pictures in them. Thankfully there’s @emoticoncaselaw, which summarises English cases in a more visual way:

Emoticoncaselaw tweet

Suits on Twitter

It’s a long time in between seasons for Suits fans, but there’s always @QuotesbySuits and @GetLittUp to help you relive all of the funniest quotes from the crew at Pearson Specter.

Law Lines

If you’re looking for love at law school, @Law_Lines is the place to go for law-inspired pickup lines like, “Hey baby, let's go on a frolic of our own. I promise I won't be negligent with your heart.”

Barrister Hulk

If studying law has ever made you cranky, you need @BARRISTERHULK. If the Incredible Hulk was a Barrister, he would probably sound a lot like this: “HULK SMASH STUPID JUDGES, JURORS, OTHER LEARNED COUNSEL AND ALL PRECEDENT.”

Supreme Court Haiku

If you love Emoticon Case Law, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll also be a fan of @SupremeHaiku, which sums up US Supreme Court in a mere 17 syllables.

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