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What Friends Taught me about Studying Law

Friends TV show cast

Friends recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. In recognition of this milestone, here are some things that Friends taught me about studying law…

1. The group assignment dynamic

Whether it’s a team moot or just your run-of-the-mill group assignment, Friends opened my eyes to the different people you will inevitably encounter within your group. There’s the stress-head perfectionist (the ‘Monica’), the one who thinks they know it all, but really doesn’t have much of a clue (the ‘Ross’), the ‘pretty one’ who somehow manages to get through the entire assignment having not done any work (the ‘Rachel’), the one who makes all the jokes to attempt to liven up the situation when you’re still in the library at 3am (the ‘Chandler’), and the one who has absolutely no idea what’s going on (the ‘Joey’). And then there’s the one who is just there because you needed an extra person (no hate to Phoebe, but surely I’m not the only one thinking it).

2. The importance of a ritual meeting place

Okay, so while meeting places in law school are less like Central Perk than they are university libraries, having a place you can go to study, catch up with friends or just sit and relax can be really important during the craziness of a semester. If Friends taught me anything, it’s that when everything is changing it’s important to know that some things will stay the same.

3. Take a break

Whether or not you believe Ross and Rachel were on a break in season three, the lesson that comes from it is still the same. Our lives as students can get pretty hectic when juggling study, work and other commitments, and sometimes we forget to just sit back and take a moment for ourselves. And just like Ross and Rachel, sometimes a break is exactly what you need to get yourself back on track and refocused on whatever it is you’re trying to achieve.

4. It’s okay to go a little crazy

Especially around exams, when everyone wants to tear their hair out and sleep all day. But for some reason, rather than letting this crazy out, we internalise it and this can do more harm than good in the long run. However, sometimes we should channel our inner Phoebe and just let it out. It can be relieving, help you work through your stress and, if nothing else, provide a little entertainment for your friends.

5. Hygiene is important

Okay, so we’re not all Smelly Cat, but if I took one thing away from that song other than the catchy lyrics, it’s that we need to take care of ourselves even when getting out of our track pants and washing our hair is the last thing we want to do. And while it might be tempting to leave that stack of dishes in the sink until after you finish your property assignment, we still need to try and take care of ourselves and our surroundings at all times during semester.

6. Never underestimate the awesomeness of your friends

I know it’s a lame to finish with such a cliché, but the most important thing we can all take out of Friends is having a solid support system. Having people around you who care about you and can make you laugh is paramount. They are the ones who will keep you sane during those stressful times, and keep you grounded as you continue through your degree!

That’s enough from me, now I’m off to watch Monica and Chandler’s wedding again…

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