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Giveaway: Crimes that shaped the law (LexisNexis)

Crimes that shaped the law book cover

The law cannot remain static, but must adjust to reflect the changing society that it serves. From time to time, criminal cases arise that dramatically dictate the need for alterations to the law. Those developments often occur, but what of the fates of those whose misfortunes were the catalyst for change? The stories of some of these unwitting — and unwilling — pioneers are collected in this fascinating book.

Survive Law is giving away a copy of LexisNexis' Crimes that Shaped the Law!

How do I enter?

For your chance to scoop up a copy, simply email us at with the subject line 'I'm a criminal'. Also provide us with your name, your email address and the one crime that you think shaped the law as we know it today (fashion crimes unfortunately don't count) so we know the book will go to a loving home!

Can't wait? Buy a copy here.

Entries close 11:59 p.m. AEST. 25/1/16.


The winner of the giveaway has been chosen. And their thoughtful response to the prompt was: 'R v L 1991 [HCA] 48 - rape within marriage. I think this was a turning point for victims of crimes. It just moved the yardstick for what was acceptable and a shift in viewing people as possessions.'

Thank you all for your weird and wonderful responses. (Except for the person who responded with Donoghue v Stevenson as a crime that shaped the law - I guess he was never tort. Pun intended.)

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