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New Years' Resolutions: Law Student Edition

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So it’s that time of year where we sit and think about who we are, what we did last year and what we can do to become better people this year. I know it's tempting to just continue to be that wonderful arsehole for another year, but we can’t. New Years Resolutions are part and parcel starting the year afresh so to save you the struggle of devising some for yourself, I've gone ahead and helped you out.

1. Watch less television during the semester

Making a Murderer

Netflix is producing content left, right and centre and law students just don’t have the time to keep up with it. As tempting as it is to re-watch all ten seasons of Friends for the fourth time two weeks before exams maybe it’s not the best idea? But hey this isn’t all bad. Semester hasn’t started yet. You still have plenty of time to binge all that wonderful content before we start again. Just make sure Making a Murderer is on that list or else…

2. Don’t start assignments last minute

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So you know that 2000 word assignment due on Monday morning? You’re going to write that on the Sunday the night before, right? Well, not anymore! This year we are going to do this right! Given the assignment? Check. Start that assignment the same day… uhhhhhhhh, start the assignment the next day? Check!

3. Join a society or club at your university

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What’s that? You want me to join a society or a club at uni? Does my law students' society count? Well, not this year guys! Join a club that isn’t law related, get to know some new people out of law… they’re reasonable people too. They may not get all your ridiculous law puns, but hey they’re more likely to believe that you are the real-life Harvey Specter.

4. Go to tutorials PREPARED

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Think about it… now that we’ve stopped watching Netflix what are we going to do with all that free time? Hey, hey, I have an idea! How about we actually prepare for tutorials? So you know when the tutor singles you out to answer a question, instead of cowering in the corner like a lost puppy you can be insightful and then not only will non-law folk think you’re Harvey Spectre but law folk will think you’re Mike Ross. Just don’t agree to do their law exams for them.

5. Have fun…

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Fun? Is that a real word? It’s a synonym for study right? Or is it a synonym for asking ridiculous rhetorical questions? You don’t always have to go out and have a rowdy night but remember law school isn’t the end of the world. If you don’t let yourself have a break, you’re just going to get cranky and start resenting studying law. But the degree itself can be fun too. Remember that this is an opportunity to make some amazing friends, learn about the world around you, better yourself and create some memories you will keep for a lifetime.

So 2016 is going to be our year. It doesn’t matter how 2015 went for you. Don’t be disillusioned. Stand up and make 2016 the year of the law student!

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