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Welcome to Summer School

Well done, you’ve made it through another year of law school. Walking out of that last exam for the year can feel like a dream. Not you’ve decided to keep the feeling alive with summer school!

Being a law student is hard. During semester, pressures are high and social worlds are meaningless. Long hours are spent at the library, talking to people in a language that nobody understands. When semester ends, you’re desperately trying to make up for the eight months you’ve spent away from civilisation, desperately trying to relearn and regain some of those valuable social skills that your resume talks about.

The pros and cons of summer school are pretty well-known. Most likely you have also considered the pros and cons before deciding to do summer school. Choosing to do summer school means more long hours hovering over your computer and textbooks, and less time in the sunshine with your friends.

However, doing a subject or two over summer may mean a lesser workload in your other semesters, or being able to complete your degree quicker!

From a seasoned Summer School veteran, here are a couple of tips to get you through those long summer days spent inside the lecture theatre…

Let's get excited, kids!

Walking into your first class of summer school is pretty intimidating. Your friends and the familiar faces you usually see in your classes aren't there and you feel like they've all abandoned you for the summer.

But have no fear, this means you can take the opportunity to extend your social network skills (terrifying, I know), and make some new friends! Not to mention, the smaller cohort and four hour class blocks can provide an opportunity to develop better relations with your peers and lecturer. This can be invaluable when trying to understand what to actually do on the assignment.

When assignment time hits, make sure you make time for social commitments as well. It can be hard sitting in front of your computer on 30-degree days while all of your friends are at the beach or at summer festivals. Make a study plan and set aside some time to see your friends and enjoy yourself away from the books.

And, as always, exam time is the hardest. Exam time is also peak summer, and therefore, it may be harder to concentrate on the task at hand. Push on with the thought that you've been through the hard yards and before you know it, you'll be basking in the feeling of walking out of another law exam (at least for another few months).

Nevertheless, that feeling is pretty much obsolete when the two weeks of "summer holidays" is over and you're back for another year...

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