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5 Ways to Pimp Your Stationery Game in 2017

Pencils that say "Like a Boss"

Pencils from Etsy

Even if you’re not someone who subscribes to the #newyearnewme mantra, it’s still time to throw out the leaking pens and half-torn notebooks and reinvent your stationery game. Here are five ways to ensure that your stationery game is looking #onfleek and ready to survive the turbulent ride ahead that is law school. Even if you’re failing your subjects, at least you’ve got awesome stationery.

1. Stay organised with a planner or list maker.

You’ll probably forget to write in your planner for a good three weeks but when it comes to crush time, you’ll thank your past self for actually buying one. There are a great range of diaries, weekly planners and to-do lists around so you can at least pretend to be organised, even if you’re not. The workload will be a lot easier to manage and checking off your tasks will also make you feel better.

List Makers

List Maker from Etsy

2. Monogram your way to the top.

If you’re going to invest in a planner or notebook, why not get it monogrammed? You’ll probably take much better care of it, and it’s also pleasant to look at. Walk into your lecture with your monogrammed notebook and show others that you’re serious about this stationery game.

Monogrammed planner

Monogrammed 2017 Planner from TDE

3. Find a theme and stick to it.

To take your stationery game to the next level, find a theme and stick to it. Whether it be rose gold, acrylic, copper or monochromatic, you’ll gain some serious street cred for being most organised if you have matching stationery. Yes, you may anoint yourself Stationery Queen or King of 2017.

Gold stationary

Gold Stationery Kit from kikki.k

4. Washi tape will fix all your problems.

Washi tape is every stationery lover’s must-have. Stick it everywhere - on your lecture notes, in your planner, your notebook etc. Washi tapes come in a range of fun patterns and colours, so go crazy until your inner scrapbooking nerd’s heart is content.

Washi tape

Washi tape from Etsy

5. Goal planners because we all need a little reminder to JUST DO IT.

They say that goal setting is the key to success. Goal planners (despite how cheesy they are) forces you to think about your short-term and long-term goals, and assess them. They usually contain different sections to help you clearly plan out what you need to do to achieve your goals. A goal planner can also help keep you accountable when you’re taking that 20th “study break” of the day.

Goal planner

Goal planner from Mi Goals

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