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5 times Sandy Cohen proved lawyers have souls

Sandy Cohen actor

We’ve all heard it: “lawyers have no souls”; “lawyers lack morals”; “they’re a subset of human existence”.

Well, what a better way to remind the general public that lawyers are actually normal human beings (shock, horror) with feelings and a sense of humour than a tribute to Sandy Cohen on the 10th anniversary of The O.C.?!

What was I doing 10 years ago? Well, I can tell you that I was probably watching The O.C., and the connection between my law studies and Sandy’s character hadn’t really crossed my mind. However, when I recently binge (re)watched the entire show I realised how underrated a character Sandy Cohen really is. Here are some moments where he made us laugh, cry, and shake our overachieving heads:

1. That time he adopted a teen

Sandy adopting Ryan

As befitting a public defender, Sandy quickly sees the good in troubled teen Ryan Atwood despite the fact he continues to get into trouble. Just like his services providing legal help to those who cannot afford it, he recognises that without help, young Ryan will only land himself in further trouble if left out on the streets.

2. Lawyers <3 Junk Food

Sandy talking about bagels

Just as we all have an unhealthy obsession with something fatty, whether it be coffee, chocolate or ice cream, the Man himself has a few bad habits, such as his unhealthy obsession with bagels and his love for ice cream. If that doesn’t prove to regular people that lawyers obsess over certain foods just like them when they’re in between having “no soul or morals”, then what will?

3. He's just a normal (embarrassing) dad

Sandy sitting on the couch with his wife

Don’t we love it when our parents embarrass us? Yes, even lawyers do it.

4. He goes through phases (just like us)

Sandy talking to his wife in the kitchen

He starts out as a public defender, then goes to the “baddies”, as the general public might coin private practice, and at one point he decides he wants to buy a restaurant. Bouncing from career to career all point to normal human existence, rather than *ahem* a subset of society.

5. He feels emotions

Sandy talking about feeling in the car

When Ryan leaves, or when he is fighting with Kirsten, you can definitely feel the love when he tries to keep the peace.

Happy 10th anniversary, Sandy.

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