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Australia’s Best Law Student Blogs 2012

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Happy Australia Day, Survivors! To celebrate, we’ve scoured the net for Australia’s best law student blogs (aka blawgs). From late nights and case notes, to High Court judgments and last-minute assignments, there sure is a lot to write about!

In no particular order, here are our favourite Aussie law student bloggers…

Obiter Ovum

It’s not secret that we love Obiter Ovum, a law student/ egg who not only writes for Survive Law but also has his own corner of the Interwebz where he writes about assessments, law jobs and selling his soul to the Jessup moot. We’re particularly enjoying his latest post about discovering he’d been drinking instant coffee that had expired over a decade ago.

Foolishly Foolish Fool

How can you not love a blog that has a barrister smiley face? Even without the smiley silk, we’d still read Foolishly Foolish Fool, the blog of a UTS law student who goes by the name of Marlowe.

Covering topics like internships, clerkships, volunteering, law competitions, assessments and why Crownies was disappointing, most days it feels like Marlowe is reading our minds.

The Adventures of Obiter Girl

Law school can be a tad scary, but it’s always nice to know that you’re not the only one trying to navigate it. We love Obiter Girl’s musings about obsessive planning, procrastination, coffee, the virtues of flash cards, beautiful stationery, law essay competitions and all the other things that make our law student world go round.

The Black Letter

The Black Letter is the blawg of Monash law student Ali Besiroglu. TBL is a law and social justice blog packed full of thought-provoking (and well footnoted) posts about a broad range of topics, including sexting, the Malaysia Solution, same sex marriage, and indigenous rights. The site even comes with a foreword from Michael Kirby!

Oats & Sugar

The blog of UTS law student Yochi Ottensooser, Oats & Sugar is a helpful combination of subject summaries, case notes, past essays and tech tutorials for mastering things like EndNote and backing up your work via Dropbox. Yochi is spending the summer overseas doing volunteer work, so the first few pages of the blog are currently filled with amazing photos and travel stories, but we’re expecting his nerdier self will be back in a few weeks with more legal goodies.

You know you are a law student when…

We’re madly in love with this little piece of the Internet. Written by Flinders University law student Bridget Laffy, this blog is peppered with hilarious law student realities. Our current favourite is, “You know you are a law student when your favourite colour is justice.”

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