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QUIZ: What does your pen say about you?


At the end of hours of hand-cramping exam torture or vigorous note taking, you come to realise how important finding the right pen is. But what makes a plain old pen the right one for you? Is it comfort or value? Are looks important? If you cast a Holmesian eye around the room, you can deduce a lot about your fellow students based on their choice of pen.

Fountain Pen

You’re ambitious and a little bit old school. Your pen says you’re a barrister or judge in the making (at least you hope so), and are mastering your Parker pen now for the day when you can use it sign judgments, large cheques and other important-looking documents from your wood-paneled office.

Careers Fair Pen

Your pen screams, “I’m interested in my future career options!” But when you open your pencil case and pens from seven different law firms fall out, we sense that you’re not quite sure where you want your career to go. As a typical law student, you’re strapped for cash and never say no to freebie.


Your pen says you’re all about utility… and value. Fancy pens can wait until you have the corner office. For now, you’re going to be practical. You’ve got this pen, and nine others just like it. You enjoy taking all ten of your identical pens into exams to show your peers how much you intend to write.

Gel Pen

If you’re going strain your brain, there’s no need to strain your wrist as well. Your pen says you like a little bit of comfort while you work. You also love the fact it has lots of parts to play with while you’re procrastinating. One gets the sense you can pull it apart and put it back together like James Bond assembling a gun while blindfolded.

Red Pen

You’re a very busy person with little time to spare. So little time that you just grabbed whatever pens were on your desk and ran out the door. You either worked late or else had a big night and really wish you were anywhere but at university. Your scarlet-coloured page says you’re lucky to be awake.

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