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The Results are in…

Harry Potter

Finally! It’s the end of semester, and you’re revelling in those magical days between the end of exams and the release of results. You’ve remembered you have friends, and your procrastination activities become real life hobbies. You’re even brushing your hair.

While life seems like a magical fairyland right now, it can all come crashing back down to reality when results are released. Because I suddenly have lots of time on my hands, I’ve prepared a handy flowchart for dealing with this potentially distressing reality check…

Results are in diagram

See, it’s going to be okay. Whether you succeed or completely bomb out, maintain your perspective. You haven’t suddenly become a legal superhero with all the answers or a complete failure who should drop out and go and live as a hermit in the forest. You’re an interesting and talented person who just happens to be a law student, and you’ve survived another semester.


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