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In Defence of the Stay at Home Law Student

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I admit it. I’m one of those law students. The kind that disappears after the first week and only reappears for the last lecture of semester on the off chance that important exam secrets are revealed and the lecturer is particularly tricky and doesn’t record it.

I know what you’re thinking. I’m a slacker – I am. I’m missing out on the uni experience –in my defence, I do got to tutes so I get at least half of it. I’m not learning –I’ll be honest, even when I do go to lectures, I spend more time on Facebook than listening so there’s not much learning going on either way.

But there are a few benefits to having stay-at-home law students like me enrolled in your class:

  1. Less people in the lecture means the lecture is more likely to have time to answer your queries. If you have questions, then this is a big win.

  2. Less people in the lecture also means fewer distractions, and let’s face it, if we stay-at-homes were forced to be at uni, we’d only be sitting there on Facebook or WOW or Lolcats and distracting you with all the pretty images.

  3. Because we’re never at uni, we never borrow any of the library textbooks you need for your assignments.

  4. On that note, we never hog power points in the library, we’re one less person in the line to the bathroom, we never take the only half-descent looking sandwich left in the cafeteria, we don’t walk slowly in front of you, and we don’t ask stupid questions in lectures. You know the questions I’m talking about. We are as wonderfully silent as we ought to be. And you love us for it.

  5. Finally, because we’re rarely in class we always seem about two weeks behind everyone else, and that makes us a walking confidence boost. Confidence is very rare in law students, so if nothing else, be thankful that we can help restore yours!

See you at exams!

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