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Staying Motivated in your Final Semester of Law

Finish line on a track

If the phrase “light at the end of the tunnel” is being thrown around a lot at the moment, you must be in your final semester of your law degree. Congratulations on making it this far – you’re almost at the finish line!

While it’s all very exciting to be taking the next step and moving onto bigger and brighter things, the last semester of a law degree can feel very long. Chances are you’re feeling a bit burned out, disinterested and very much over it!

Even if you’ve already got a graduate position lined up, it’s important to stay focused in your final semester. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Get into good habits for when you leave uni

It’ll be a shock to the system to leave uni and have your routine thrown out the window. Have you been thinking about joining a sports team or forming a book club with friends once you finish class? Why not start it early? You’ll get into the habit now and make the transition to post-uni life easier!

2. Go out on a high

You’ve made it through almost all of your law degree, and by now you’re a seasoned veteran when it comes to coping with exams and assessments. Why not finish with a bang? It’s a much better feeling to leave uni knowing you gave it your all rather than coasting through at the finish.

3. Solidify your social network

This is the last time you’ll be forced together in class with your colleagues…who among them will you keep in touch with? Attend classes and make an effort to go to social events. Make some awesome memories and ensure that your uni gang stays together no matter what!

4. Take pride in what you’ve achieved, and what you will soon achieve

You’ve almost made it through one of the toughest tertiary degrees out there. When you’re finished, you’ll have some amazing skills and a pretty certificate to hang on your wall – be proud of that!

And if none of the above works, remember that in a few weeks you’ll officially be able to say “LAWYERED!” whenever you win an argument. If that isn’t incentive enough to push through your final semester, nothing will be!

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