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My Embarrassing Law School Moments

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Law school is a pretty steep learning curve, so it’s no surprise that we all make a few mistakes along the way. Here are a few of my less-than-stellar law school moments…

A lot of my awkward law school experiences have happened in class. Old habits die hard, and even though my first week of law school was ages ago, I still find myself sometimes saying 'versus' when talking about cases in class. It happens innocently enough. I get called on in a tutorial and before you know it I have said 'Crown versus Smith.' Once you’ve said it, it seems like the word hangs there awkwardly for everyone to see.

Then there are those moments where you think you’ve nailed the tute question, only to discover that you got it horribly, horribly wrong. In one class I got it so wrong that thee tutor overlooked my eagerly raised hand for the rest of semester.

And then there was the poor spelling, on a white board, in front of a class. Enough said.

Outside the classroom, I’ve found myself chatting away with friends about clerkships, when my academic transcripts slips out of its folder and gently floats to the ground, face up, revealing a rather mixed bag of subject results. Face palm.

And I’m sure I’m not the only law student who’s had the experience of retrospective embarrassment when discovering and re-reading old law assignments. Making space for my new textbooks, an assignment falls out of an old book. In one part it’s pretty clear I have block-referenced a case, not even the ratio but arguments of Counsel. My cheeks flushed just reading it.

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