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Essential Stationery for the Stationery Obsessed Law Student

I get excited for two things at the start of every semester: Orientation Week freebies and the chance to start using new stationery. Nothing beats that feeling of writing in a fresh book with a brand spanking new pen, or highlighting that first line in your new textbook with a crisp highlighter.

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We've covered the essentials to help make studying and excelling in law just that little bit more exciting.

Add some colour


With the crazy amount of reading to be done in law, survival is hard without a good set of durable highlighters. Make sure you get a pack that is smear proof and lasts a while – nothing is worse than having your highlighter run out in the middle of a 30-page reading.

Post it notes

I have so many notes in all different sizes, shapes, colours, and materials - and no, I do not regret them at all. Not one bit. Go crazy.


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Mistakes? No problem!

Erasable pens

These pens have a little rubber thingy at the end which will erase ink! This makes them super handy when taking notes in class. However, do not use these during exam time because the ink may rub out before your essay is marked. No writing = no marks. :-(


When you make major mistakes, white it out! White-out pretty much has the same effect as alcohol, but in stationery form, and without the ugly crying part.

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Making life a-folder-ble


Folders are amazing, especially for open-book papers. They protect your papers to keep them nice, crisp, and stain-free but are also incredibly handy to shield your face from any unexpected New Zealand weather.

Hole puncher

I found the most amazing invention the other day – a flat hole puncher with little tabs so that it slides onto your folder! You never have to worry about not having a hole puncher handy again with this nifty little item.

Flying papers

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You can never have too many pens

Ink pens

With the mountains of essays that law students have to write, ink pens will save your hand from so much pain (unless you are left handed – in that case, steer clear of ink pens at all cost!). The ink flows easier, meaning you use less pressure when writing. Trust me, this will change the way you write in an exam. Thank me later!

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