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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy includes: 


  • What information we intend to collect;

  • How we will use this information;

  • In what circumstances we may disclose this information to third parties;

  • Your access to and correction of information collected by us;

  • Security of your information; and

  • Additional information of interest.

Primarily, this policy governs information collected by forms on our website, or other information collected via media within our exclusive and immediate control. Due to the nature of existing policies and terms of service governing social media, we cannot accept responsibility for information collected via our Facebook page and Twitter account.

This policy adheres to the National Privacy Principles contained in the National Privacy Act 1998 (Cth).
What information does Survive Law collect?

Personal Information


In the course of our operations, Survive Law may collect information about our website readers and Facebook and Twitter followers.  This information may include personal information, such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and other information relevant to the particular initiative.

Each time you are requested to provide information to Survive Law, we will explain what we intend to use your details for. For example, information may be collected to record registrations and contact student attendees in relation to an upcoming event.

When we collect your personal information (for example, via an online form or questionnaire) we will explain how your information will be used. In other words, if the information is used to register for an event, to be informed of exclusive sponsor offers or to be contacted by sponsors for recruitment or other purposes, this will be specified on the information collection form.

Survive Law may use your personal information to make contact with you for the purposes of direct marketing. All such correspondence will include information about how to opt-out of future communications. 

At any time you may choose not to receive these marketing communications by contacting us at
Website/Social Media Usage Data


We also receive data relating to your use of Survive Law’s website. This non-personal information includes visitor interaction, location, time spent on the website, and IP address. Similar web analytics collection occurs within our social media channel management.

This data is collected by web analytics programs and provided to Survive Law. The information is used to better understand how readers use Survive Law, to improve our site and social media, and to report statistics. This includes using non-personalised data such as website traffic, time spent on site, the state or city of users and the gender of users for marketing and advertising purposes. These are general statistics, not details that can identify individual users.
Comments, Re-Tweets, Likes and Shares


Survive Law’s website and social media profiles provide readers with the ability to comment on and share (via Like and Tweet buttons) our stories. Once published, comments on Survive Law articles are publicly accessible; depending on the privacy settings of your Facebook/Twitter account, sharing activity may be public too. 

By commenting on Survive Law content or sharing it via social media, you acknowledge that we cannot prevent third parties from gathering or using this publicly available information, and agree to Survive Law using and disclosing this information at its discretion. We therefore encourage our readers to carefully consider the information they publish on Survive Law’s website and social media profiles.
Disclosure of personal information to third parties  


Survive Law may disclose personal information to partner or client organisations, or to a third party where it is necessary to provide the service that you requested. Such disclosure will only take place with your express consent at the time of information collection. Where your information is disclosed to another organisation, their use of your details will be subject to the third party’s privacy policy. 
Survive Law may also disclose your information to third parties in circumstances where we are required by law to disclose it.
Access to and correction of information we hold about you


If Survive Law holds personal information about you, you can contact us to access and/or correct this information. You can request this by emailing
Links to third parties


Survive Law’s website, Twitter account and Facebook page are hosted by external organisations. We will treat personal information collected by third parties and provided in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Some of the links shared via Survive Law’s website and social media profiles link to third party websites. Some advertisements on the Survive Law website also link to sites that are not owned or operated by Survive Law.  Survive Law is not responsible for the privacy measures of third party websites and users should read the privacy policies of these sites.
Security of your information online


Although we have taken measures to protect your personal information, the security of online data transmission can never be fully guaranteed. 

You acknowledge that the security of any information you transmit to us or receive from our online services cannot be guaranteed, though every effort will be made to ensure your privacy and security is protected. All online activities with regard to our site or social media channels, or the Internet generally, are conducted at your own risk and we cannot accept responsibility for the misuse, loss of or unauthorised access to your information.



Your privacy is important to us. If you have a problem or question regarding this policy, please email us at
Changes to Survive Law's privacy policy


On occasion, Survive Law may review this policy to ensure that it complies with any changes to privacy laws, and continues to reflect the way that the Survive Law website and its associated social media are run. Please check this webpage for information about any updates.


Additional information


More information about privacy and your protection online is available through the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

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