I can't turn my law brain off!

January 4, 2013

From arguing your way out of trouble with double negatives, to using your old Contracts textbook as some light bedtime reading, sometimes the law has a way of following us into the holidays. Comparable to a bad habit, or perhaps even a stalker from a corny ‘80s movie, law can be so consuming that it's hard to escape it when you’re on holidays.


While this may very well be a great indication that you are truly passionate about your studies, it's also important to recognise when to take a break. So when your law thinking follows you into holiday time, there are a few options for responding…



1. Make the most of your law brain


Perhaps you're simply not ready to fight off the law with a healthy dose of holiday spirit. Either way, there are plenty of things you can do to make the most of your law brain.


Start by getting organised for next semester: confirm your enrolment, start collecting the 10kg bricks lecturers like to call textbooks, or maybe even go buy next semester’s stationery. Alternatively, you could reflect on the academic year that was, and decide on any improvements or goals you'd like to strive for in 2013.



2. Look, a law distraction!


If your law monster is too overwhelming, you can always try law-related activities that still allow you to relax during your holidays. I'm sure there are a few episodes of Suits you didn't get a chance to watch during semester, or maybe you've always wanted to read To Kill a Mockingbird but never got around to it. These activities may be enough to satiate your hungry law brain.


Another option is to volunteer at a Community Legal Centre, or sit in on some interesting court hearings. It might just reignite that 'change the world' attitude that so many of us had at the beginning of our law studies.



3. Get me outta here!


If your law brain isn't tamed by the witty banter of The West Wing, it might be time for some more contemplative methods. Think back to a time last semester when you said, "If only I didn't have all these readings to do", this is your chance to do all those things you wanted to do during semester but didn't have the time.


Holidays are also the perfect time to catch up with friends or family you may have neglected in the name of law. Another good thing to do is to set a goal for the holidays: maybe you've always wanted to learn to sew, learn French, or participate in a fun run. The next few months are the perfect opportunity to get started.



4. Last resort


If all else fails, there's always summer school!



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