The Best Pets for Law Students

One of the greatest allies that you can have while studying law is not your Blacklocks Legal Dictionary, but a pet of your very own. Some animals offer quiet companionship, while other law students may need something that curls up to you while you’re powering through legislation at 3am fore your tute the next day. Here’s my take on the best pets a law student can own…

A Fish

Relatively cheap and easy to maintain, the therapeutic properties that a fish (exotic or otherwise) are unparalleled. There are many times in your degree when long stints of reading can strain your eyes to the point where you misread ‘Kirby’ as ‘Kibirdby’. Dragging your eyes away from the page to watch your majestic fish swim about their tank can relax your mind and take you away from that horrible realisation of how much work you actually have left.

A Rabbit

This is a great pet because they usually live outside in a hutch. If you feel overwhelmed at any point, having a rabbit would require you to get up out of your chair/study/bed and face the blinding light of the outside world. Plus getting some fresh air can literally breathe a fresh breath into your studies. Rabbits are affordable to feed and soft to touch, so pick one up and remember that that everything will be ok.

A Duckling

This may seem like an exotic choice for pet choice number three, but hear me out. A pet duckling works the same way as a pet rabbit. They’re cheap to own, cheap to feed but with the added benefit of forcing exercise out of you… well, sort of. Basically a pet duckling associates all beings larger than them as their mother, so if you run around your backyard, it will bolt right after you to keep up with its ‘mama’. It will basically result in hours of running around your backyard while constantly screaming “Awwwwwwwwwwww, that’s adorable!”

A Cat

Have you ever had a cat walk up to you and start purring as you scratch it behind the ear? There’s a quality about cats that when they decide to let you pat them, you feel like you’re the chosen one. They are LETTING you pat them. A cat is more of a ‘curl up on your lap’ (or keyboard) type creature, which can make you feel like even though you may be the only one in the house, you’re not really alone.

It may be considered a small step towards insanity, but cats can also be spoken to and (if you manage to keep their attention) can maintain eye contact with you. Having a cat to complain to would help to spare your friends and family from some of your complaints about how many bits of common law you have to commit to memory.

Oh, and you can also give them ridiculous names you secretly love like ‘Senor Milk-Mittens IV’.

Man/Woman’s best friend: The Dog

Lecturer after lecturer reiterates the importance of taking study breaks. Taking small walks keeps the mind active and is far better than plopping down in front of the TV for half an hour, shaking your head to an episode of Jersey Shore or the Kardashians.

If you have a pet dog who is depending on you to get up and show it around the neighbourhood every day, then your pooch won’t be the only one to benefit – you’ll be rewarded with fresh air, a sharp mind, and grateful puppy kisses.

Dogs are also the type of pet that will love you unconditionally. When you get home from a long stint in the law library, you can bet that your pup will meet you when you get home with a wagging tail that lets you feel as though you’re the most important thing in this world.

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