Avoiding Mid-Semester Nightmares

It's almost that time of the semester, folks. Mid-semester is nearly here! It’s the ideal time to take stock of your progress this semester, catch up on any outstanding work, and try to put yourself in a good position for the rest of term. To a student, it's like a gift from on high - but a lot can go wrong during this time, as I'm sure many of us know from experience. WHY?

The main reason why mid-semester nightmares happen is that the earlier weeks of your semester have been spent doing as little study as possible, meaning that mid-semester becomes one long, anxiety-inducing game of catch-up.

To try and stop Murphy’s Law wreaking havoc on your mid-semester plans, start by downloading software updates for your laptop to help prevent your computer from crashing and deleting your assignment the day before it’s due. Also make sure your work is backed up, unnecessary files are deleted from your hard drive, and your work files are well organised into folders.

In fact, tidy your desk or study space to ensure that you’re all set for the rest of semester. Check your stationery - do you have enough working pens, printer ink, highlighters, and tabs? Make sure that your diary is up to date and that those loose pieces of paper go into your subject folders.

Then, prepare yourself for the rest of semester, and recap and update your notes. Also, think about the timeframe you have left to do other assignments in, and when exams will be.

Depending on how exhausted you are after all this, you can spend your break week relaxing, or getting a head start on the second half of the semester.

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