Survive Law NZ Needs a New Editor!

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Are you a law student and avid tweeter/soap-box orator/blog writer? Want to get paid to just be yourself? Of course you do.

Survive Law NZ is looking for an editor to take the reins and steer Survive Law NZ into the hearts of every law student in NZ with kooky, hilarious, useful and relatable content. We’ll be accepting applications from law students studying at New Zealand universities to take on this exciting role.

THE GIG As the Editor you will be responsible for:

  • Writing Facebook posts and sourcing content to share on Survive Law NZ’s Facebook page to grow our followers;

  • Managing a team of 10 writers and creating monthly story boards and setting Survive Law NZ’s publishing schedule;

  • Writing and editing content for our blog and news articles for publication; and

  • Researching and conducting interviews on legal news, events, study, careers and well-being issues.

You will be required to dedicate 1 day a week to Survive Law NZ for at least a year, working remotely. This is a paid, part-time role, ideal for students in their 2nd or 3rd year of a combined degree or 2nd year of a stand-alone LLB.

THE SKILLS To be successful in this role, you will need to be a talented communicator who understands what Survive Law NZ is all about. Here's what we're looking for:

  • A keen eye and good attention to detail;

  • Written communication skills (duh);

  • A brilliant sense of humour;

  • People skills (law students are people after all); and

  • A genuine passion for law student issues and developing Survive Law NZ as a supportive, fun resource for all law students.

Some writing and/or editing experience will be helpful in this role but is not essential.

THE APPLICATION If this sounds like the job for you, email us to let us know exactly what it is that makes you perfect for the job. Use your skills of persuasion!

Please also send:

  • Your CV;

  • 3 interesting facts about you that aren’t on your CV; and

  • Three story ideas for the website.

Pro tip: Ditch your template cover letter and let us know who you REALLY are! If you can write about your experiences as a law student in a way that other law students will find hilarious, helpful or perhaps horrifyingly familiar, you’re already halfway there.

Send applications to

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