6 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Law Student Friends

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It’s that time of year again. Mariah Carey’s Christmas classic comes back to haunt our airwaves, and so begins that mad rush to think of presents. So what do you get your mates who do law? Here are 6 festive Christmas gift ideas!

1. Tinder gold

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Since none of us are actually going to meet anyone in person, given long hours holed up in a library or office cubicle (and to be honest, “sane law student” is oxymoronic), get your law student friend Tinder gold so they can meet people remotely - and in desperate times, they can auto-match with everyone who’s swiped right on them.

2. A gym membership

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Buy a law student a year-long gym membership so they can finally realise 2014's New Year’s Resolution to get fit. Remind them that the walk to the coffee cart for the fifth caffeine hit before noon does not constitute adequate exercise.

3. Bitcoin

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This isn’t really law student specific. I just missed out on Bitcoin before its value soared. Now I’m hoping someone somewhere will donate some of that precious cryptocurrency. If you give a law student some Bitcoin, in a few years it might be worth enough that they can afford to change career paths, saving them from a lifetime of depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue. And you know what? The best gift of all is happiness.

4. A Harvard Law sweater

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Read: “Just kidding”. I’m sure you’re familiar with the stereotype of once-normal mates becoming super arrogant law students. Really, you’re helping to keep their feet on the ground by reminding them that their only connection to Harvard is tangentially through this joke sweater. Unless they’re legitimately set for Harvard, in which case they should be buying you expensive Christmas presents.

5. An embossed 2018 diary

A beautiful diary with your mate’s initials embossed in gold can make them feel professional. Make them feel proud to claim ownership over that beautiful diary with nothing in it except for doodles and tear stains!

6. A legal dictionary

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If they weren’t already deceived by their Foundations unit of study outline deeming it a required text, get them a legal dictionary. They can use it as a doorstop. Or to sink the dead body of the next STEM student who boasts about how their longer contact hours is rewarded by better graduate employability. Let’s just say my legal dictionary is missing.

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