7 New Year's Resolutions to Keep You Motivated

Failing ambitious New Year's Resolutions year after year. We've all been there. There a few goals, however, that are worth keeping in mind for the entirety of 2018 if you wish to retain your sanity.

1. Redefine your goals

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When I feel overwhelmed by or stuck in the goal-setting process, I like to brain dump, which involves setting aside some time to get my thoughts on paper. You might like to get cozy with a tea or a coffee and a tidy desk, and begin with a stream of consciousness which evolves into a mind map. Consider a vision board which serves as a visual reminder of your new objectives, or even BuJo (Bullet Journalling) which is in vogue: using a lot of colour, spend 5-minutes on a daily, weekly or monthly basis tracking your goals. By fostering discipline and consistency, you’ll be able to better sustain your resolutions. By the end of this exercise, you’ll hopefully have a clearer direction for 2018.

2. Clean up your social media

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Whether or not you’re really active on social media, it’s a good idea to tidy them up before diving into 2018. Social media can leave you exposed to curious employers, necessitating that you carefully consider how you want to appear personally and professionally, and that your digital presence reflects this. Remember those impulse decisions on account of too much tequila? On second thought, probably not. Have a think about cleaning up some of your compromising photos and posts.

3. Revamp your LinkedIn

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If don’t have a LinkedIn, then drop everything and make one right now. If you do, however, think about refreshing it. Are your career objectives and personal statement up to date? Do your current qualifications, skills and experience match what’s on your profile? If not, now’s a good time to make sure it reflects your most recent experience so industry contacts can familiarise themselves with you from a distance. If you're going to be stalked, you may as well pose from your best angles.

4. Overhaul your CV and cover letter

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A year is a long time. Even if you don’t feel like you’ve achieved anything, you might want to have a look at adding new things to or reformatting your CV, or rewriting your cover letter to reflect your new 2018 objectives. On the outset of constructing a CV, most people neglect to mention how their work experience was particularly meaningful to them, or what they achieved during. If everything is ready to go, you’re more likely to apply promptly for new opportunities as they arise!

5. De-clutter

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Get rid of last semester’s notes (after transcribing them, where handwritten, and possibly selling them) and sell old textbooks (or neatly line them up on your bookshelf of legal glory) . But more importantly, you should clear out anything cluttering your desk and start 2018 with a fresh and clean space. “A cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind”, as the saying goes. Note the caveat: “of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” So keep something motivational on your desk - whether that be an inspirational motto, a book, or a photograph - things that give your workspace character.

6. Stock up on stationery

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If you’re a law school veteran, you’re probably already a stationery slurry and know your way around Officeworks better than campus. It’s always the right time to buy new novelty pens and office supplies, but by the end of the year you probably actually need to restock. We wrote an article at the beginning of 2017 on how to pimp your stationery game - and unless that year saw a radical transformation in the stationery market, we think it still applies! Don’t forget to get a new planner, calendar and desk accessories to keep you motivated! Nothing beats opening a fresh pack of highlighters. So go nuts!

7. Make time for you

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Don’t forget to do what you love. Law school is hard. Law school is stressful. You should make time for things other than law. Make time for sports, creativity, catching up with friends or even a spending spree at Lush - whatever it is that makes you happy and keeps you driven! Most importantly, never be afraid to reach out for help when you need it most.

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