How a Law Degree is Like a Relationship

Has anyone ever told you that you wouldn’t be so lonely if you didn’t spend so much time studying? Tell them that you’re already taken by your law degree. Here’s how they’re like relationships.

The honeymoon period

Remember first year law when everything felt novel? And your doe-eyed high school idealism made you confident about a career in human rights à la Amal Clooney and Geoffrey Robertson QC? But then firms enticed you with lucrative corporate salaries and older students warned you about the soul-crushing journey ahead.

That’s no different to a new relationship. You see everything through rose-tinted glasses, before you start to notice your partner’s quirks and flaws. Yet, you stick it out together because you can’t imagine life without them.

Communication is key

Verbal and written communication skills are essential to success in law and in a relationship. Over the course of both, you become seasoned at spotting issues, discussing them thoroughly and coming to a solution.

You might improve your verbal communication skills by mooting, which involves presenting submissions to a judge. A relationship can also involve submission if you’re into that.

There’s alcohol - lots of it

Just as you wine and dine with your partner, you might go out with your mates post-exam for celebratory (or consolatory) drinks. It’s not uncommon for law students to skip a lecture or two towards the end of semester to hit up the campus bar, or to take their mind off a disappointing mark with a drink. Not to mention that the law society organises parties all year round with massive bar tabs.

It’s expensive AF

Don’t get me started on the 60k HECS debt and exorbitant summer school tuition fees. Textbooks, coffee, alcohol, printing and binding notes, stationery, campus eats - it all adds up. Likewise, food outings with your S.O., gifts, trips together - keeping your partner satisfied can also be costly (despite all the stuff you hear about love being priceless).

You don’t give up when times are tough

Law degrees and relationships have highs and lows. Both involve a constant process of growth! They take time: you need to nurture them and appreciate them for who or what they are. Make sure to tell your law degree how much you love them; you never know how much time you have left.

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