Law Firm Websites: '90s and '00s

How did the law firms we've come to know as pioneers in the legal innovation space first present their offerings on this novel thing called the World Wide Web? Let’s set the time machine to the late ‘90s/early ‘00s.

Allens Arthur Robinson (now Allens) - 31 March 1997

Simple and to the point.

Mallesons Stephens Jacque (now King & Wood Mallesons) - 11 November 1996

As minimalist as a Scandinavian boutique clothing shop.

Blake Dawson Waldron (now Ashurst) - 26 December 1996

Clipart to keep potential clients engaged.

Clayton Utz - 17 May 2001

This mysterious and intriguing design really eclipses the other firms.

Norton Rose (now Norton Rose Fulbright) - 24 February 2001

That 3x3 grid from the Brady Bunch title sequence, but make it Warhol.

Minter Ellison - 21 December 1996

Beautiful cobalt sea.

Gilbert + Tobin - 5 November 1996

Background gives me fancy Lincraft / newsagent cardboard paper vibes.

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