Five Australian Legal Podcasts That Will Make You Hit ‘Subscribe’

Whether you're a law student or practicing lawyer, these five legal podcasts are a 'must listen' on your way to class or work.

Gertie’s Law - The Supreme Court of Victoria

source // Supreme Court of Victoria

Gertie’s Law was released in mid 2019 by The Supreme Court of Victoria to help the public get a better handel on the court process. This podcast is great for incoming or first year students who are looking to learn more about day-to-day court activity. It’s equally as good for those older students who feel like they should know more about the legal process but are too far gone to ask questions! Who is Gertie you ask? According to Victoria’s Chief Justice Anne Furgerson, Gertie is the colloquial name given to the supreme court’s Lady Justice statue. New episodes are released fortnightly.

Episode you should check out: Judge, You’ve Got Mail

The Law Report - ABC Radio National

Most students would be aware of this one, but if you’re not, go and subscribe! The Law report delves into all areas of the law, from reforms to legal culture. The program prides itself on being ‘jargon free’, making it super accessible to all! Listen long enough and you’ll definitely fall in love with Damien Carrick’s voice...

Episode you should check out: Beaming prisoners into courtrooms; the pros and cons of Audio Visual Links

The Lawyers Weekly Show - Lawyers Weekly

The Lawyers Weekly Show is a great series to stay up-to-date with current affairs in the Australian Legal profession. This podcast will help connect the dots with how the commercial sector interacts with the ever changing legal landscape, and everything in between. With episodes being released regularly, there is no excuse not to know what the latest hot-topics are.

Episode you should check out: How Political Can Lawyers Get on Social Media?

Just Cases - Monash University

source // Monash University

Operating over thousands of years, the law has produced some drama filled stories. Monash University saw an appetite in the profession for these stories to be told in plain english and did something about it! Hosted by Monash Law School senior lecturer and Deputy Director of the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law, Melissa Castan, episodes run for about thirty minutes and a great to listen to when catching the train to uni. This series will give you some great gems to ‘wow’, your lecturers (everyone loves throwing in an R v Brown reference in crim...)

Episode you should check out: Is S+M Sex Illegal?

Trial By Podcast - McCabe Curwood

Released monthly, Trial by Podcast answers the legal questions that you probably have never considered. The only issue with this series is once you finish, you have to wait 4 weeks for more!

Episode you should check out: Who Owns Your Tattoo?

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