Excerpt: Cybercrime (Gregor Urbas, LexisNexis)

January 12, 2016

There aren't many of us who haven't imagined ourselves delivering an inspiring closing address worthy of Atticus Finch at the close of a flashy criminal trial. But whichever way you lean, defence or prosecution, there's not doubt that as tomorrow's aspiring criminal lawyers, cyber-crime will become part and parcel of your job. 


And to cover you on all the basics and more, LexisNexis has put together a comprehensive guide to cyber-crime that covers leading international instruments as well as those at home. If you're still on the fence, maybe we can tempt you with some credit card skimming? (Much sexier than a smash and grab)










To grab your copy now, head over to LexisNexis' online store and snap it up for $120.00 AUD. 


Our thanks to the crack team at LexisNexis for providing Survive Law with a copy of the book.

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