Adjourned: Your Fortnightly News Round-Up

March 8, 2016

Welcome back to university, Survivors. If you have been stuck under a pile of books and haven’t left the library all week, here are some current events you may have missed.



To infinity and beyond?


That is the hope for Australia’s new space law review. A meeting of government figures and space entrepreneurs is happening in Canberra to allow future laws to foster intergalactic innovation. Read more in Sydney Morning Herald.





If you were watching the Oscars, you would know that ‘Spotlight’ has just won Best Picture. This fantastic drama follows the 2002 Pulitzer Prize winning investigation into the abuse of kids by priests in the Archdiocese of Boston, by the ‘Spotlight’ journalist team at the Boston Globe. You can find the initial Globe article here.


It was this investigation that spurred a Royal Commission into abuse of children by priests in Australia. Cardinal George Pell is currently giving evidence from his hotel room in Rome. Read more at ABC online.



Medical marijuana


Medical marijuana is now legal in Australia. Despite where you stand on the drugs debate, the Narcotic Drugs Act now permits those with chronic illness to access cannabis and the legal growth of medicinal cannabis. Recreational use remains illegal. Read more at Business Insider.


Turnbull is shaking up the media industry. Mergers are now legal between metropolitan and regional networks and a company can own a newspaper, radio station and television network. Does this mean NewsCorp and Murdoch are happy? Apparently not. Read more in Sydney Morning Herald.



Assisted death


Medical assisted death may be weeks away in Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet must pass a law by June, according to the ruling of the Canadian Supreme Court. Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands currently allow the right to ‘die with dignity’ but the practice remains illegal in Australia. The medical profession in Canada is already deeply divided on the issue of death being a ‘fundamental right’ or a ‘privilege’ and if it is a doctor's duty to help. Read more in ABC online



Kebab ban


If your favourite food is Kebabs you may want to reconsider visiting the Italian city of Verona. The mayor has just banned new ethnic and fast food restaurants in order to ‘maintain the cities culture.’ This follows the banning of ethnic resturants in the Tuscan city of Lucca and the beach town of Forte dei Marmi. Read more at SBS



Apple v FBI


Apple Co. has just won a landmark decision against the FBI to protect a persons’ privacy. Apple refused a FBI order, to create a way to hack the phone of one of the San Bernadino shooters. The case went to court with a New York judge ruling in Apple’s favour. The fight even made it to Capitol Hill with congress debating the rights of the FBI and technological companies to help. Read more at Business Insider Australia



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