Survive Law Has a New Editor!

July 14, 2017



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Hey everyone!


I'm Eric, the new editor for Survive Law Australia, and I’m absolutely thrilled to write for a website that has garnered such a large following of law students and graduates.


Now in my third year of a law degree, Survive Law has personally served as a source of joy during those caffeinated nights of cramming and a mirror held up to those all-too-common just-Law-School-things(.com/tumblr). Its relatable study and career advice have made an undeniably intense and intimidating Law School environment more familiar and less bad—kind of like performing a Ridikkulus charm on a Severus Snape boggart.


What has always distinguished Survive Law from other legal websites is our rich student perspective. Over the next year, I want to ensure that Survive Law keeps offering quirky insights and anecdotes by and for law students. Given a constantly changing industry, I envision Survive Law also addressing wider topical issues, such as the efficacy of law firms' queer, gender and race awareness panels in 21st century workplace cultures, the impact of disruptive technologies on the legal profession (with help from our friends at The Legal Forecast), and periodic posts on the ever-increasing career options for law grads. Maybe one of these days, we’ll even upgrade Survive Law into a Skynet-esque sentient artificial intelligence system that can write its own articles. But as “No Air” songstress Jordin Sparks once sang, “one step at a time”. ;)


Ultimately, Survive Law can’t survive (zing!) without you--the writers of the future. If you’re keen on writing one or two articles or even becoming a regular contributor, e-mail me at In your application, include:

  • Why you’d like to write for Survive Law

  • What you’d like to write

  • One or two samples of writing (if any!)

Whether you’ve got hilarious law school anecdotes to share, reflective pieces on the legal industry, or snazzy advice you think students or graduates would find useful—or if our visions align at all—I would love to hear from you!


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