12 Things to Dress up as at Law-Themed Parties Other Than 'Lawyer'

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So one of your friends has decided to be that person who organises a law-themed party, because you know, you can never be too extra about the fact you’re a law student. While everyone turns up in a suit and pretends they didn’t have time for a change of clothing after their paralegal shift, you’re going to be a tad more adventurous.

1. Judge

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*Bonus points if it's Judge Judy.

2. Assault and Battery

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Works best as a couple costume. Think a salt shaker and a lithium battery.

3. Prisoner

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Self-explanatory and easy if you already own a striped t-shirt or anything orange.

4. Harvey Dent/Two-Face

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Harvey Dent makes the list due to his District Attorney credentials. You either die a hero, or study long enough to see yourself become a lawyer.

5. Police Officer

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It’s not a (costume) party unless there’s at least one police officer present.

6. Hung Juror

This involves a sign that says ‘Juror’ and either a noose or speedos. You decide. See image for inspiration.

7. The snail from Donoghue v Stevenson

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Commitment props to you if you only drink ginger beer that night.

8. Scales of Justice

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Pros: More places to put your drinks

Cons: No free hands to hold them.

9. Elle Woods

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No law themed costume party would be complete without Elle Woods.

10. Captain Reasonable Person

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What would a reasonable person do in the circumstances? What would a reasonable person wear to the party? Captain Reasonable is bound to know!

11. Miss Demeanour

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Channelling ‘misconduct,’ ‘misrepresentation’ and ‘mistrial.’ This works best if you if you are dressed to the nines with a sash that reads, for example, ‘conduct.’

12. A Paranoid Mockingbird

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How To Kill A Mockingbird – still stealing our hearts, and the prize for ‘Most Creative Law Themed Costume.’

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