Working Hardly: The Underachiever’s Guide to CV Writing

May 3, 2012

CVs are about putting your best foot forward… but what if it feels like there isn’t much to work with? Obiter Ovum uses his powers of broad interpretation to turn skipping class and watching TV into enviable, employable skills.


DISCLAIMER: Please do not actually try this! Okay, thanks.


‘Actively involved in the community’


Do you have a group of friends? Are they in law? Perhaps you could even call yourself a ‘society’, maybe even a ‘law student society’. Have you ever suggested you go out for drinks? BAM! Social director! Paid for someone else’s drink? Ta-da! Equity VP! Started a competition to determine who has the best way of getting attendance marks without reading a thing? Maybe you’re a competitions director!



‘Demonstrated ability to multitask’


If you have an assignment open in Word as you highlight a textbook and discuss the latest episode of the Good Wife online with someone, then you’re multitasking. If you are on the bus to class, listing to a podcast of the lecture on x2 speed and playing a game on your phone, this also demonstrates your ability to complete multiple tasks simultaneously and within a tight time frame.



Hobbies: ‘Multimedia and communications’


Facebook is communicating and YouTube is a multimedia (visuals and sound). If I have some time to spare and I want to relax, then indulging in my favourite hobby of channel surfing should get a mention. 



‘Ability to cope with stressful situations’


When others see you around the law school, do they see someone who is cool, calm and collected, even if just a millimetre under the surface you want to run through the library, arms outstretched knocking books off shelves while cacking madly? Keeping that urge inside definitely shows your capacity to cope – so far as others can tell. 



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