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Stuff Law Students Don’t Say

May 7, 2012

Law students are a curious breed, and you’ll often hear them say the darndest things, but here are a few things you’ll probably never hear us say…


“I have had way too much sleep this week.”


“$210 for a textbook sounds like great value.”

“I just love legal referencing.”


“Who is Michael Kirby?”


“Using more than one colour of highlighter seems a little excessive.”

“Why do you have so many post-it notes?”


“Equity is so easy to understand.”


“I shouldn’t have started working on this assignment so early.”


“The work I have to do for my other degree is so hard! Why can’t my communications/economics/business/science/arts subjects be as easy as law?”


“I love it when I can’t find a case on AustLII. Such a great opportunity to improve my legal research skills!”


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