Five Law Student Exam Personalities

June 9, 2012

Law students may be an odd bunch during semester, but exams take it to a whole new level. Here are a few of the law student types I’ve met at exams over the years…


The Ghost

You saw them in week one and then maybe in the revision lecture… perhaps also at some point before the mid-sem multi-choice exam. Either they’ve been at home studying all semester, or they have no idea what’s going on. How to spot them: they’re probably the person sitting on their own. Uni is not about the social life for them, it’s about getting in and out as quickly as possible.


The Nonchalant

They’re sipping coffee with a friend, and perhaps casually flipping through some notes. The Nonchalant is easy to identify; they’re the one complaining loudly ‘Whatever, I just don’t care anymore.’


The Mad Rusher

Out of time and frantically rifling through notes, their actions are wild and inefficient, and they’re often freaking out very loudly. Everything about the Mad Rusher says, ‘I started studying yesterday, somebody help me!’ These are the people that don’t know what topics are on the exam, or what the assessment components even are. They have also forgotten a pencil and eraser for the multi-choice section.


The Smug, Over-Prepared One

These students can generally be seen wandering around preying on the Mad Rushers, demonstrating their superior knowledge for topics and cheekily making throwaway references to obscure cases.


The Melodramatic One

It’s the HD student who is over-prepared, but unlike the Smug, Over-Prepared Ones who help others to realise how much they don’t know, the Melodramatic Ones go around shouting ‘I don’t know anything! I’m going to fail!’


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