Law Addiction

July 26, 2012

Law is part of everyday life, but for those of us reading these pages, it can be all consuming. In fact, I think I may have a problem.


I’m a full time law student. On top of that, I also work in a law firm full time. As result of this, my circle of friends consists of lawyers and law students. Perhaps I don’t actually have any friends but a large collection of learned colleagues. I find anyone that cannot have a verbose conversation, which when transcribed would use minimal punctuation, quite boring.


So when I am not at work I am home hungrily digesting every prescribed text, every suggested reading and every case found in the study guide. I even find myself cross-referencing the cases and creating my own, but far more awesome, version of CaseBase. I buy my highlighters and Post-It notes wholesale, because you can just never highlight and flag too many paragraphs, chapters, books or cases. I am quite normal though. Just like every good law student, I too love to procrastinate and not everything is work and study.


I’m presently single but it is so hard to find a decent woman these days.  I’ve had plenty of dates but it seems that girls just cannot stand the pressure of cross-examination, I mean dates. You ask them a simple question and they want to rabbit on about doing their hair, seeing friends, shopping, etc, and then get their back up when I interject with, “just answer the question, do you or do you not, yes or no?”


Perhaps I need to take more dating advice from Boston Legal and Rake. I mean I have found that taking tips from Cleaver Greene on implementing the best ethical practices has worked a treat. It is slightly more relevant than Silk, although the British jurisdiction is quite persuasive.


At the end of the day I do like to switch off with a good book. A breezy flick through John Austin’s The Providence of Jurisprudence Determined or HLA Hart’s The Concept of Law is always nice with breakfast in bed. Recently I quite enjoyed William Paley’s Selected Cases in Chancery 1364 to 1471. I find Geoffrey Robertson and Julian Burnside’s works just a bit too mainstream.


My favourite band is the little known Lex Pistols, a group of barristers that play weddings, parties and bar association dinners. They take their name form the drummer, the Honourable Justice Lex Lasry of Victoria’s Supreme Court.  However, please don’t confuse them with Auckland’s premier legal dixieland band of the same name, I’m not that sad.


Personally, I think I’m quite well adjusted but perhaps I could be slightly more dedicated to the law.


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