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Going through law school is a feat - and it's one we can't do ourselves, despite the late nights at the library with nothing but our highlighters, over-tabbed textbooks and leaning tower of empty coffee cups to keep us company. Between sharing anecdotes about law student life with others, cry-laughing over the misfortunes of 70% (or 100%) final exams, laughing over memes only law students will understand and the wonders of law referencing, we've somehow found ourselves surrounded by friends. 


Survive Law New Zealand is here to be your friend - we want to be an integral part of your law school experience.

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If you’re a law student from a New Zealand uni and have time to whip up an article or two, we’d love you to drop us a line. You can write for us on a weekly or fortnightly basis. We know law students are super busy, so we're flexible.


Tell us why you should write for Survive Law NZ by telling us a hilarious law student anecdote, a sample of your writing or any story ideas you've dreamt up somewhere between your 50 page readings and your mountain of extra-curriculars. Send us an email at nz.editor@survivelaw.com

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